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In Greek literature, he often represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war, in contrast to his sister the armored Athena, whose functions as a goddess of intelligence include military strategy and generalship. Helaas is het nog niet zeker of er een tweede seizoen van de serie Ares zal volgen, dus weten we ook nog niet wanneer dat eventuele tweede deel zal volgen. Our database currently contains 30 articles and 61 files. Check hier de trailer! The first series follows Rosa Steenwijk, a first-year medical student in Amsterdam, as she joins the secretive student society Ares and slowly learns what they really are. 1 History 2 Powers and abilities 3 Background information 4 Appearance 4.1 Justice League Unlimited Eager to escalate the civil conflict in Kaznia, which could spread to the surrounding countries, Ares had his brother Hephaestus build the … Ares: Netflix toont teaser van Nederlandse horror-serie. 5. Eindelijk is daar een Netflix-serie van Nederlandse bodem. Hercules ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die 1995 bis 1999 von Renaissance Pictures für MCA/Universal in Neuseeland produziert wurde. Ares was the bond of Gregor. The eight episode psychological horror series enters the world of Ares, a secret student society in the heart of Amsterdam where best friends Rosa and Jacob surrender to a world of wealth and power. Ares (altgriechisch Ἄρης; neugriechisch Άρης, gesprochen Áris) ist in der griechischen Mythologie der Gott des schrecklichen Krieges, des Blutbades und Massakers. 1 Ares is the Olympian God of war and the founder of Sparta. Er gehört zu den zwölf olympischen Gottheiten, den Olympioi. He had little regard for mortals and felt their only purpose was to kill each other for his amusement. The series is officially called Inazuma Eleven Ares outside Japan. Mit Ares nimmt der Stream­ing-Gigant Net­flix die erste rein nieder­ländis­che Pro­duk­tion in sein Port­fo­lio auf. Dieser Artikel behandelt die Figur Ares aus dem Spiel Injustice: Götter unter uns. Rosa returns home to her angry father and has a vision of the black creature from the Ares basement invading her house. JETZT MITGLIED WERDEN. Ares bei Netflix: Der Start der niederländischen Horror-Serie. CastiaMC Wiki . 1 Attributes 1.1 God Power 1.2 Technologies 1.3 Myth Unit 2 Strategy 3 Mythology Pestilence: When used, Pestilence prevents enemy buildings within the target area from producing units for a short period of time. Add new page. ‘Inspreken is ook acteren.’ Hier zou content moeten staan van bijv. Overigens niet alleen in Nederland, want de serie verschijnt in maar liefst 190 landen. De serie Ares is ook op IMDb te vinden. Ares (God van de Oorlog) draait om een geheim studentengenootschap, sektarisch haast (‘niet voor studenten, maar voor mensen met potentie’). Ares, is a minor character in the Olympus Guardian series. Ares Series. Ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. Joost is called by Carmen's father, Maurits Zwanenburg, who congratulates Joost and asks if "it was mad", referring to the creature down below. Carmen assures her it's fine. 1 In Greek Mythology 2 Appearance 3 Story 3.1 The Story of Hermes 4 Trivia Ares, the God of Courage, War, Rage, Violence and Bloodlust, was born to the Olympian couple, Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of the Gods. Script development run by Michael Leendertse. He tried to kill Percy with a giant boar, but Percy sliced off one of its tusks with Riptide and engulfed it with a wave, killing it instantly. Guides and Gameplay. He was also a rival of Athena, his younger sister, because they were both gods, one of War, the other of Wisdom, and wished that the other would stand down. September 2018 und beinhaltet Hinweise auf die nächste Staffel. Obwohl die Bedeutung nicht ganz gleich ist, wurde er später von den Römern dem eigenen Kriegsgott Mars gleichgestellt. Ares ist der Sohn des Göttervaters Zeus und nahm die Rolle des Gottes des Krieges ein. Episodes The novices are branded with Ares insignia, finalizing their initiation. Rosa has an unwelcome run-in with a rival. Creator Alle acht Fol­gen der Mys­tery-Hor­ror-Serie wer­den am 17.Jan­u­ar bei Net­flix veröf­fentlicht und sind für Abon­nen­ten ab dann ver­füg­bar. Carmen takes Rosa to see her mother, Joyce, in the hospital. Videos Ares. Jacob makes a cryptic prediction. 5. Inazuma Eleven Wiki - Inazuma Eleven ist eine Fußball-RPG-Reihe für den Nintendo DS/3DS, auf der auch die gleichnamige Anime-Serie Inazuma Eleven, bestehend aus 127 Folgen, beruht, und zu der es auch einen Manga gibt. A giant sword of light that the God of War, Mars, who is virtually manifested in satellite orbit, wields. Ares has three siblings, Hephaestus, Eileithyia and … The series premiered on Netflix on January 17, 2020. Ares was the God of War, son of Zeus and Hera, and one of the most prominent and powerful Gods of Olympus. Producers Arnold crosses paths with a presence from his past. Folge der Staffel lief am 28. A confused Carmen admits that she doesn't know everything about Ares. He has appeared on the following shows: Xena: Warrior Princess; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Young Hercules. Episode 5 28m. Diese sollten die Menschheit vor Ares beschützen. Serie Ares morgen te zien op Netflix 16 januari 2020 Het is de allereerste volledig Nederlandse Netflix Original en vanaf vrijdag in 190 landen te bekijken: de psychologische horror-serie, Ares. She and the other novices are hazed by the society president, Joost, and his girlfriend Carmen. Jacob is interrogated by the society about his fears and insecurities. Language Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is the son of Hera and Zeus. Ares is een groots opgezette psychologische horrorserie over een exclusief studentencorps. Later, the novices attend a high society party at the house of a celebrated. His Roman counterpart was Mars. Contributor. In a flashback, Mr. Zwanenburg recalls a ceremony in his teenage years where he threw up a black egg inside the Ares building, while facing an old woman in chains. 7. UNBEGRENZTER FILM- UND SERIENSPASS. Pieter KuijpersIris OttenSander van Meurs But slowly they start to realize they’ve entered a demonic place, built on secrets from The Netherlands’ past. Jacob shakes his blackened hand with Arnold, the new society president, leading Arnold to flash back to his murder of a young woman inside the Ares building, followed by a strange ritual of Arnold throwing up a black egg. De beelden van de Netflix-serie beloven een heel onheilspellend verhaal. Joyce recognizes Carmen and panics, revealing that she was once engaged to Carmen's father, Mr. Zwanenburg, and that Joyce was an Ares member too. Ares is a Classical Age Greek minor god in Age of Mythology. He is available to worshipers of Hades and Poseidon. De eerste Nederlandse Netflix Original laat echter nog op zich wachten. January 17, 2020 Thousands of years ago Ares and the other gods formed an alliance alongside Humans, Amazons, Atlanteans and Green Lanterns to fight off Steppenwolf's invasion. A strange old woman in Ares captivity urges Mr. Zwanenburg to make Rosa the new society president, but he is reluctant and offers the position to Carmen first. Ares is de allereerste Nederlandse thrillerserie die naar Netflix komt. Rosa asks to see Beal, but Mr. Zwanenburg reveals that "Beal" is really a black whirlpool of bile representing all the violent secrets puked out by Ares members, whom he implies have been pulling the strings of Dutch society for centuries. De aspecten van het genootschap die haar zouden moeten afschrikken, trekken haar aan. Die Fernsehserie kommt auf insgesamt eine Staffel. Before they could do so however, a group of Jaffa under command of Ares' First Prime Trelak came to the planet through the Stargate to prepare the inhabitants of the planet for Ares' arrival. Die besten Freunde Rosa (Jade Olieberg) und Jacob (Tobias Kersloot) betreten in Amsterdam die Welt von Ares. The series stars Jade Olieberg, Tobias Kersloot, Lisa Smit and Robin Boissevain. Meanwhile, Jacob's affliction worsens. On February 12, 2019, it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for a 8-episode first season. Jahrhunderte später kehrt Ares zurück, um die Menschheit in einem großen Krieg zu vernichten. JETZT MITGLIED WERDEN EINLOGGEN. A giant sword of light that the God of War, Mars, who is virtually manifested in satellite orbit, wields. Seasons Ares, the God of War, was a major character and villain on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules.He is the Greek god of war and violence, who has a strong rivalry with his half-brother Hercules, and a love-hate relationship with Xena.. Oeps. The novices adapt to life inside the student society. 1 Griechische Mythologie 2 In der God-of-War Serie 2.1 God of War 2.2 Feindschaft zwischen Kratos und Ares 2.3 Das Ende des Kriegsgottes 3 Trivia Ares ist der Gott des Krieges und der Sohn des Zeus und der Hera . Ares possessed the Noble Phantasm Photon Ray, the Sword of Mars, but it was taken from him by the White Titan Sefar as a spoil of war after defeating the war god. [2] The series is created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander van Meurs who are also credited as executive producers. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Relationships 4 Quotes Instructor Romvi is a teacher at the covenant until he is revealed as the God, Ares in Apollyon. 5. Ares - Der Letzte seiner Art ist ein Drama aus dem Jahr 2016 von Jean-Patrick Benes mit Ola Rapace, Micha Lescot und Thierry Hancisse. Von der Ares wurden bislang 8 Episoden produziert. See more characters... Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Ares 7. [4] The series premiered on January 17, 2020. He is available to worshipers of Hades and Poseidon. 1 Attributes 1.1 God Power 1.2 Technologies 1.3 Myth Unit 2 Strategy 3 Mythology Pestilence: When used, Pestilence prevents enemy buildings within the target area from producing units for a short period of time. Proceed at your own risk. Ares is a Dutch psychological horror series. Op 17 januari 2020 is de serie dan eindelijk op Netflix te zien. Ares (/ ˈ ɛər iː z /; Ancient Greek: Ἄρης, Árēs) is the Greek god of courage and war.He is one of the Twelve Olympians, and the son of Zeus and Hera. Our database currently contains 30 articles and 61 files. Serie: Met mooie sets, slim camerawerk en een boeiend mysterie oogt de eerste Nederlandse Netflix Original goed. "Die Welt kann gegen sie nicht kämpfen. Kijk trailers en meer Aus diesem Grund brachte Ares den Menschen Emotionen wie Gier, Eifersucht, Gewalt und Zerstörungswut. Arnold's corpse is discovered. Netflix has a new Dutch horror series out, Ares, which only takes a few hours to get through, and the end is worth reaching. It premiered at the Paris Comic-con on October 21 and was released in France on 11 November 2016. Ἄρης) war ein Kriegsgott der griechischen Mythologie und Sohn von Zeus und Hera. Sie basiert lose auf den Legenden um den altgriechischen Göttersohn und Volkshelden Herakles (griechisch; lateinisch: Hercules).Um die Akzeptanz beim Publikum zu testen, gingen der Serie im Jahre 1994 im Rahmen der Action-Pack-Reihe fünf … It does not affect technology research or other building … He took Xena under his wing as his protege, sometime after she first met with Caesar. [2], On December 13, 2019, Netflix released the official trailer for the series. Created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs. Kijkers klagen vooral over de grote hoeveelheden donkere beelden. Er ist der Gott des Krieges, des schrecklichen Massakers und des Blutbades. He and his sister Athena have been enemies for centuries and he has done everything to try and destroy her precious city of Athens. Pieter KuijpersIris OttenSander van Meurs The character was portrayed by New Zealand actor Kevin Smith. It does not affect technology research or other … The next day, Hester commits suicide by posing as a corpse then stabbing herself with a scalpel during her "autopsy.". 1 … Created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs. Ares heeft het genre horror, speelt zich af in Amsterdam en beschikt over een aanstormend talent in de hoofdrol. Arnold is tormented by visions of the girl he murdered, culminating in his suicide by hanging in the Ares building's attic. Release date The God of War, he is a member of the 12 Olympians. Ares was the original Olympian God of War, the son of Zeus and Hera and the main antagonist of God of War, as well as the perpetrator behind the events of God of War: Ascension, meaning he was also responsible for setting the events of the series into motion by tricking Kratos into killing his family and turning him into the Ghost of Sparta, which eventually fulfilling the prophecy of … Rosa accepts the offer, but Hester is ambushed by Jacob and touched by his blackened hand before she can tell Mr. Zwanenburg about him. Um den Plänen seines Sohnes Einhalt zu gebieten, schuf Gott die neue Rasse der Amazonen. Ares (French: Arès) is a 2016 French dystopian science fiction film directed by Jean-Patrick Benes. About. Rosa is allowed to visit the hospital where her mother is staying, where her father admonishes her for not being there for her family. 5 redenen om de serie, gemaakt door regisseurs Giancarlo Sanchez en Michiel ten Horn, te kijken.. De Nederlandse Netflix Original … The series is directed by Giancarlo Sanchez and Michiel ten Horn. [2], Alongside the initial series announcement, it was confirmed that Jade Olieberg, Tobias Kersloot, Lisa Smit, Robin Boissevain, Roos Dickmann, Jip van den Dool, Steef de Bot, Janni Goslinga, Dennis Rudge, Minne Koole, Jennifer Welts and Florence Vos Weeda had been cast in the series. Ares apare ca personaj sau este folosit în numeroase lucrări de ficțiune. Ares was born on Olympus some time before 13,700,000,000 BC, and like the other gods, ruled over Earth before the creation of Humanity. Ares … Recent, printre cele mai populare sunt reprezentările sale în universul Marvel încă din 1966 în Thor #126 și în propria sa bandă desenată Ares din 2006. He then challenged Ares to a duel - if Ares won, he would turn Percy into anything he wanted, and get the Master Bolt; if Percy won, then he got both the bolt and the helm and Ares had to leave. „ Ares “ spielt in Amsterdam und handelt von den besten Freunden Rosa und Jacob, die die Welt von Ares betreten. Hoewel dat klinkt als een kneitergoede serie, zeggen de reacties op Twitter wel wat anders. Mr. Zwanenburg decides to cover up Joost's death, rather than admit there was another suicide within Ares. Directed by Jean-Patrick Benes. Ares ist der Sohn des Zeus und der Hera. 13 Reasons Why • American Jesus • … Rosa starts her internship with Hester, who offers to "remove" Jacob from Ares if he's bothering Rosa. Rosa stands out as the only novice not from a well-known, rich family. Romulus states that Teardrop Photon Ray, Altera's A++ Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, is Ares' true sword. 1 Plot 2 Ultras 3 Kaiju/Seijin Appearances 4 Episodes 4.1 Crossover Arc 4.2 Conflict Arc 4.3 Intervention Arc 4.4 Rising Arc 4.5 Final Arc 2,500 years after the original Ultraman Particle, the universe is endangered when a strong type of monster suddenly shows up. Dabei handelt es sich um eine geheime Studentenverbindung, die … Mars was held in much … In the present, Carmen and Rosa dispose of Rosa's black bile in a drain in a hidden society room. De Nederlandse serie Ares wordt in het Engels nagesynchroniseerd – door de acteurs zelf Rifka Lodeizen spreekt haar eigen tekst opnieuw in, in het Engels. Being dubbed ChoKaiju, a mass army of them assaults the Land of Light with Hikari being loss in the battle … However, during the time of the first Invasion of Earth, Ares seems to have been a somewhat nobler god, as despite his distaste for humanity and the other Old Gods, Ares was willing to join forces with Zeus and Artemis and even the humans and the other armies to repel the New Gods. Die letzte 26. The Ares Wiki is a collaborative encyclopaedia of the Netflix television series that anyone can edit! Ares is the god of war and an anti-hero. Dungeons. Ares, the God of War, was a major character and villain on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules.He is the Greek god of war and violence, who has a strong rivalry with his half-brother Hercules, and a love-hate relationship with Xena.. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 2.1 Main 2.2 Recurring 3 Notes 4 Multimedia 4.1 Images 5 Trivia 6 References The eight episode psychological horror series enters the world of Ares… En dat luistert nauw, wil het resultaat ergens naar klinken. The things that should scare her away from this secret society are drawing her in even closer. He took Xena under his wing as his protege, sometime after she first met with Caesar. Games Movies TV Video. See more characters... Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Ares is a Dutch psychological horror series. Ares is the Greek god of War, Violence, Rage and Bloodlust, one of the twelve Olympians, and one of Zeus' many divine children. Ares is an Dutch psychological horror series that premiere on Netflix on January 17, 2020. Ares fighting Percy Jackson. Inazuma Eleven Balance of Ares) is the new anime series of Inazuma Eleven. -Ares 1 Charakter Profil 2 Handlung 2.1 Erstes Jahr 2.2 Drittes Jahr 2.3 Spiel 3 Move Liste 4 Alternative Outfits 5 S.T.A.R. A place where true power comes at a terrible price. The Netherlands Auftritte Stargate Kommando SG-1. Naar een horrorfilm kijken is al spannend, maar er zelf een maken voor het grote publiek in … Het is voor de cast te hopen dat deze reeks net zo succesvol wordt als de Vlaams-Nederlandse Original Undercover, waar binnenkort een tweede seizoen van komt. Netflix heeft de afgelopen jaren haar arsenaal wat originele content betreft flink uitgebreid, ook met internationale producties.

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