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The Coffea patient is a subject of very great general exalted sensibility. Bell > generallike Coffea, where footsteps aggravate all the complaints. Glon > relationshipsAntidotes to Glonoinum Acon., Camphor., Coffea, Nux vom. FDA is not aware of scientific evidence to support homeopathy as effective. (diuresis and vesical irritation, but Eupat. has more hyperaemia and vesical inflammation); Gels., Hep., Hyo., Lach., Lil. Other Ingredients: Ethanol (beet), purified water Dosage: Adults and Children (12 years and older): Take 10 to 30 drops one to three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Rubus villosus - Blackberry - (diarrhoea of infancy; stools watery and clay colored). It aggravates the effects of Bell., Merc., Arn., Lach. It has proved valuable in cardia dyspnoea, neuralgia, and acute gout. ac. Cain > generalCainca is related botanically to China, Ipecac., and Coffea. Hot coffee by rectum in cases of extreme collapse.). Cough and sleeplessness after measles (a very common occurrence) is wonderfully relieved by it, and it is sleep, not narcosis, and never injures or sickens the patient like the stupor of the opium preparations. Phos > relationshipsAntidotes to Phosphor., Nux vom., Coffea, Tereb. These symptoms portray, as plainly as words can, the nervous conditions calling for this remedy. "Lively fancies, full of plans for the future." Fl-ac > relationshipsCompare Coca (fatigue); Coffea (toothache); Citr. (alcoholism; extravagant fancies); Cicut. "Lively fancies, full of plans for the future." Yet such an understanding is not always absolutely imperative, for in either case there are generally enough concomitant symptoms to decide the choice of the remedy. The effects of *Coffea cruda have to be considered separately from those of *Coffea tosta, since the roasting converts much of the Caffeine into Caffeone or Methylamine, which gives to coffee its aroma. Similar to Coffea in relieving effects of fatigue; also Arn. ; 2, "A.,",from ibid. The offensiveness of the stool. It has not been used much, but has been given with success in dropsies, especially when associated with dry skin. Pigeons which have developed “deficiency” neuritis and paralysis on diet of polished rice lost their disabilities on the addition of 8 cc to a 5% infusion of Coffea Cruda to their food. If you are taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. Cataleptic symptoms. Morph > generalgreat happiness great state of confidence in the first hours of the drug. It is also adapted to variable moods. If you are pregnant or nursing‚ ask a healthcare professional before use. (typhoid of drunkards; loquacity, dancing muscular twitchings, and with all tremor, tendency to stupor and feeble pulse) Ignat. Trio > generalTriosteum is a very valuable remedy in diarrhoea attended with colic pains and nausea, Numbness of lower limbs after stool, and increased flow of urine; also in influenza. Calcarea Ova Tosta - not available. Excessive sensibility of the nerves, so excessive that only a few remedies equal it, such as Coffea, Nux vom. (delirium tremens; singing laughing dancing; extravagant recitals; loquacity; chorea, with gyratory motions, etc. Acon., Camphor., Cinchon., Coffea. Similar to Acon., Alcohol (merry craziness); Ars. (as well as Galeum and Mitchella) belongs to the same natural order of plants as China, and the relation of the two to intermittent fever, hćmorrhages, and gasto-enteric disturbances is very similar. Pulsatilla is undoubtedly the remedy oftenest indicated in orchitis from suppressed gonorrhoea, but if after it has reduced the pain and restored the discharge it fails to reduce the swelling or induration, Clematis will do the rest. Place globules under tongue for 30 seconds. Indeed in nervous troubles, where the patient has not been addicted to the coffee habit, it often takes precedence. It is both a physical and mental beatitude in Opium. The oversensitive nervous woman will suffer from chagrin. The cough of Sticta is at fist dry, but later on may become loose; hence it is often found of use in the incessant, racking, wearing coughs of consumptives. Spong > generalPreparation, Tincture prepared by digesting 20 grains of powdered sponge, which has been roasted brown (in a manner similar to coffea tosta), with 400 drops of Alcohol. (bellyache after milk); Chel. Coffea has a similar state of beatitude. Ang > relationshipsAntidoted by Coffea (not Camph. (salivation), Vinum. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age. They may be yellow or greenish watery, and when watery, always profuse. Set id: 6193cc31-ab82-3240-e053-2991aa0a6ffb, 23 g in 1 BOTTLE; Type 0: Not a Combination Product. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Coff > generalDysmenorrhoea, with excessively painful colic. Coff > mindCoffea cruda, like Chamomilla, acts strongly upon the nervous system. has amel. Coff > skinCoffea changed the itching of the eruption into a burning. dulc. Asaf., Coffea, Coloc., Nux vom., Spir. lac. Acon., Alum., Camphor., Chamom., Clemat., Coffea, Ignat., Mur. I can readily see how it might be, however, in liver troubles with constipation which had followed a preceding diarrhoea, just as Opium might cure the sleeplessness that followed preceding stupor, and Coffea sleepiness which followed preceding excitement. Key Ingredients: Coffea Tosta; Key Benefits: Effectively treats urinary infections, specifically milky sediment discharge at the end of urination. Raises the blood pressure, increases pulse rate and stimulates the heart muscle; hence, a support in extreme feebleness or threatened failure. It antidotes Anaesthetics, Acon., Asar., Coffea, Euphorb., Ignat., Opium, Plumb. Quebracho (cardiac dyspnoea) ( Achyranthes. C8 H10 N4 O2. Its effects are modified by Ammon., Camph., Opium, Coffea, Alcohol, and radiant heat. dul. "All the senses more acute, reads fine print easier, smell, taste and touch acute, particularly also in increased perception of slight passive motions." The provings of *Coffea … Anyone suffering from suppressed, deep grief, with long drawn sighs, much sobbing, etc., and especially if inclined to smother or hide that grief from others, is just the subject for this remedy. Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 10 drops up to 3 times per day. Eclectics use a concentrated decoction as an application to sore nipples. Hipp > headHeadache, especially in the forehead (Aconite and, after an hour, Coffea relieved), (twentieth day). Here is where what is called pathological prescribing often fails, for the choice of the remedy may depend upon symptoms entirely outside of the symptoms which go to make up the pathology of the case, at least so far as we as yet understand pathology. rac. Caust > relationshipsInimicals Acids, Coffea, Phosphor. Use 6X.) Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coffea Tosta in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA. * Consultation recommendedServing Size: 10 DropsActive Ingredients:GABA 3XGinkgo biloba 3XBrain 6XHypothalamus 6XKidney 6XLiver 6XPancreas 6XPineal 6XArgentum nitricum 30XCoffea tosta … in bruises; and to Sulphur, high. It belongs to the same order as China, Coffea, and Ipecac., and shows its affinity with these in its power over haemorrhages. Every patient is examined completely by a homeopath. Is followed well by Chi., Cham., Con., Dulc., Hep., Hyo., Lach., Rhus, Seneg., Stram., Valer., Verat. Decoction, equiv. - (Heavy feeling as of lead; pains in supraorbital nerve; ice-cold sensations creep up; hydrophobia symptoms. Aconitum Cammarum. Then again they may be pappy and profuse (Gambogia), or mucous and scanty, but always with Podophyllum very offensive. "Full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account." Characteristics.-The effects of Coffea cruda have to be considered separately from those of Coffea tosta, since the roasting converts much of the Coffeine into Coffeone or Methylamine, which gives to coffee its aroma. Podo > general1st. Bad effects of sudden emotions, surprises, joy, etc. Skin hypersensitive. In the first onset of the disease, as well as in the very far advanced and apparently hopeless cases of cholera infantum, the 1000th potency (B. Mag-p > generalSensitiveness to pain. Follows well Lyc., Puls., Plat. "All the senses more acute, reads fine print easier, smell, taste and touch acute, particularly also in increased perception of slight passive motions." ; Coffea; Camphor. Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, drinking alcohol, spirits, or simply alcohol) is an organic chemical compound.It is a simple alcohol with the chemical formula C 2 H 6 O.Its formula can be also written as CH 3 − CH 2 − OH or C 2 H 5 OH (an ethyl group linked to a hydroxyl group), and is often abbreviated as EtOH.Ethanol … ; 5, "Hsch.," ibid. Of course, Agaricus, Hyoscyamus, Cuprum met., etc., come close, and some might think are equal. Cham > relationshipsChamom. Homoeopathic potency of: Coffea Tosta, decoct. (chorea alcoholism; spinal irritation; convulsions; tremor paraplegic symptoms; enlarged liver); Opium (alcoholism; chorea with spasmodic, angular jerks of flexors; hands tremble slow pulse); Pulsat. In pleurisy and pneumonia it is distinguished from Bry. Diarrhoea after eating pork. The Coffea patient is a subject of very great general exalted sensibility. Place drops under tongue 30 minutes before/after meals. Coffea belongs to the same family as China, Ipecacuanha, and like these remedies has many symptoms of intermittent fever. al oneal. Professional Formulas Heart Drops offering homeopathic support for cardiovascular support and fatigue. Pulsation of the arteries on head and temples was very marked. Nitr. Coffea is especially adapted to mental shocks, such as sudden surprises, especially joyful surprises, excessive laughter and playing, disappointed love, noises, strong smells, etc. ), Bry. If pregnant or breastfeeding ask a health professional before use. Anxiety, with suffocation from feeling of paralysis in respiratory muscles. The drinking of Coffea Cruda by the aged is likely to increase production of uric acid, causing irritation of kidneys; muscle and joint pains, and with the increased susceptibility of old people to the stimulating action of coffee and Tea, their use should be curtailed or carefully watched. d24 aquos., valeriana officinalis e radice ferm 33c dil. Ign > relationshipsComplementary: Coffea; Nux; Tab Ac. veg. I have cured these cases in all stages. In the first place the cauterization method, or fashionable local treatment, is responsible for nearly, if not quite, all strictures. (cerebral excitement, but more in chorea); Calc. In regard to the profuse stools, they are so much so that they seem to drain the patient dry at every one. Acon; Alum, Borax, Camphor., Coccul., Coffea, Coloc., Ignat., Nux vom., and especially Pulsat. Dr Willmar Schwabe India Coffea Tosta Dilution 200 CH is a homoeopathic medicine used as treatment for headaches, fever, urinary infections, insomnia, and labour pains. tart. Clinically it is very like Apocynum. Valer > relationshipsAntidotes to Valer. All drugs have their double action, or what is called primary and secondary action. (whooping cough). But the effects are scarcely distinguishable, and I have not attempted to keep them strictly apart. Causation. Skin of nose cracked; taste of blood.) For temporary relief of occasional sleep difficulty. Weleda's Relaxing Drops are made to be a fast acting liquid formulation that helps to relieve nervous tension, restlessness and sleeplessness. Iod > relationshipsAntidotes to Iodum of large doses, starch or wheat flour, beat up in water; of small doses, Ant. Laur > relationshipsAntidotes to Lauroc. The aggravations in the morning, hot weather, and during dentition. Anh-lew > relationshipsCompare Can. lying on affected side whilst Bry. ac., Piper methyst., Coffea, Coca; Plat. Coff > generalThe provings of Coff. It is closely related to Coffea and Nux vomica and especially useful for the weakness of the will and neuralgic pains in coffee drinkers. order, Rubiaceae. There is often present prolapsus ani, sleep with eyes half closed and rolling the head from side to side and moaning; frequent gagging or empty retching. m., and afterwards Sep. Calcarea Oxalica - not available. dulc. If there are large black clots and Coffea does not relieve, follow with Chamomilla. ; Ignat. ); Coffea (ecstasy); Hyosc. The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Puls > relationshipsPulsat. antidotes Coffea, Opium. Often completes a cure begun with Aconite. Nat. It removes fatigue from too long riding on horseback. (eyelids twitching, etc. dulc. Followed well by Sulph., Nit. ); Tarant. Eranthis hymnalis - (Winter Aconite - acts on solar plexus and works upwards causing dyspnoea. No information listed. Cardiac insufficiency in pneumonia and other infectious diseases. (objects seem small and distant); Pso. Here again we would not give Coffea in an habitual coffee drinker, but Chamomilla rather. She desires to he alone with her grief. Children … Pain in occiput and neck.). Hypodermically, 1/4 grain. Cinchon. ; of small doses Camphor., Coffea, Hepar, Hyosc., Opium, Pulsat., Vinum. ; for gastric, pulmonary and febrile symptoms, Nat. The Aconite pains are intolerable and generally worse in the evening or at night. Indeed in nervous troubles, where the patient has not been addicted to the coffee habit, it often takes precedence. Has calming affect. Ign > relationshipsIgnat. Coff > generalThe effects of Coffea cruda have to be considered separately from those of Coffea tosta, since the roasting converts much of the Coffeine into Coffeone or Methylamine, which gives to coffee its aroma. Anac > relationshipsAntidotes Coffea and Juglans. ; Arsen., Camphor., Coffea, Laches, Spir. The patient tosses about in agony, "cannot bear the pain, nor bear to be touched, nor to be uncovered." (rage), Tereb., Verat. It antidotes Aco., Arum t., Atrop., Chi., Cup., Fer., Hyo., Jaborandi, Merc., Op., Plat., Plumb., sausage poisoning; oil of turpentine. It is useful to remember that Ipecac. Its acts upon the spine as decidedly as Nux vomica, affecting both motor and sensory nerves. Cahin > relationshipsCompare: Apocyn. Coffea tosta 30 X Lycopodium clavatum 30 X Belladonna 60 X Phosphorus 60 X Ambra grisea 60 X Ambra grisea 100 X Baryta carbonica 60 X Baryta carbonica 100 X Baryta muriatica 60 X ... 10% ethanol, purified water, 8% vegetable glycerin (from soy). - Indian Aconitum Napellus. Itching of nose, eyes, anus and vulva. Am-m > relationshipsAntidoted by bitter almonds; Coffea; Nux vom. Children 2-12 years ~ 1-3 globules 3 times a day. Bry > generalThis sluggish state of the mind then is the state of Bryonia, not an excitable state, as in Coffea, Nux vomica, Ignatia, but sluggish aggravated from motion, aggravated from being talked to. 11 to 22, from 5 Marvaud, Aliments d'Épargne). Grat > generalmarked lassitude, with mental and bodily weakness. Aconite, Coffea, Nux moschata and a few others have it, but Ignatia in the greatest degree. Chin > relationshipsAntidotes to Cinchon. (alcoholism; icy-cold feeling on head); Cannab. ; 8, Thorer, ibid. Coffea tosta 30X ; Coffea tosta 100X ; Nux vomica 12X ; Saccharum officinale 16X ; Saccharum officinale 60X . Colocynthis is the best antidote to lead poisoning ( Royal). Mang-a > relationshipsAntidote to Mangan. Is useful. ac., Cup. Coffea Tosta 6X, HPUS. Coffea. ; Coffea. Coff > generalIf on the other hand he is a coffee drinker, Chamomilla is the remedy. Another equally characteristic state or mind is a changeable mood. There is also sensitiveness of the abdomen to touch. Under 2 years, consult your doctor. 60x, 150mg. Coffea tosta In a homoeopathic dose; Humulus lupulus (Hop flowers) 1g (approx. We use cookies on this site to improve our service. It is of considerable importance then to be able to recognize in such a case whether it is the diarrhoea or constipation that is the disease, against which the alternate condition is the effort of the vital force to establish health. antidotes not only Coffea, but also Causticum, and most of the members of the Causticum group. Hydrate I (Coffea Tosta, Ginkgo Biloba, Germanium Sesquioxide, Silicea) For temporary relief of dry mouth, dyspepsia, infrequent urination, constipation alternated with diarrhea, chronic myalgia, headaches and low back pain. Myocardial degeneration. Acon > relationshipsCompare Cham. So the alternate diarrhoea and constipation in disease is a fight, for instance, between the disease (diarrhoea) and the natural powers resisting it. Aceticum Acidum 3X, Calendula Officinalis 3X, Zingiber Officinale 3X, Bryonia (Alba) 6X, Coffea Tosta 6X, Ledum Palustre … Brachialgia and other neuralgias characterized by Nocturnal exacerbations. May also be used for standard homeopathic indications or as directed by your physician. & T.) has done the best for me. Quick shop. In short, for pains anywhere, which seem intolerable, and there are no other especially leading symptoms, Coffea is to be remembered. COF > generalA proving has been made with this alkaloid, but has brought out no symptoms not included in the pathogenesis of Coffea. Contains: Homeopathics for symptoms of sensitive teeth, in an 89% water, 10% ethanol, 1% sucrose solution: Calcarea carbonica; Coffea tosta… (delirium of alcoholism); chorea; spinal irritation; Bellad. There is only one remedy that comes near it for these twitchings and that is Zincum metallicum. Each serving size (1 drop) contains: Absinthium Aerial Parts (Common wormwood) 4X, Aconitum napellus Whole Plant (Aconite) 4X, Argentum metallicum (Silver) 12X, Boldo Leaf 4X, Chamomilla Whole Flowering Plant (German chamomile) 4X, Coffea tosta Seed (Roasted coffee) 4X, Jateorhiza palmata … Agar > relationshipsSimilar to Act. "Unusual activity of mind and body." Polyuria while travelling. Caffeine. Consult your health care provider if symptoms persist more than 5 days or worsen. Disagrees when given after Borax, Caust., Nux v., Ran. Again, we have in Ignatia an impatient, quarrelsome, angry mood (but not to the degree of Chamomilla) at times. is frequently indicated in ailments from Arsen., Calcar., Coffea, Helleb., Iodum, Mercur., Sulphur, Veratr. Un roasted coffee was useless.) Clem > generalThis is a good remedy for gonorrhoea when there are on account of slow or intermittent flow of urine indications of formation of a stricture, and will, if given early (high), often prevent it So much pain and suffering often necessitating operation for the relief of stricture has been experienced that everything possible should be done to avert it. Puls > relationshipsComplementary: Coffea; Chamom. Bell > relationshipsAntidotes to Bellad. (teeth). But the surest and most lasting curative action of any drug is that in which the condition to be cured simulates the primary action of the drug. Related posts: Coffea Tosta Coffea Tosta signs and symptoms of the homeopathy medicine from the Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by J.H. Am-m > relationshipsAntidotes: Coffea; Nux; Caust. Bry > relationshipsAntidotes to Bryon. ; 4, Franz, ibid. For insomnia: Take before dinner and at bedtime - may be repeated during the night. Dropsy depending on cardiac insufficiency. Nutritional Information . Ign > relationshipsIncompatible Coffea, Tabac., Nux (sometimes). Ign > generalIgnatia is another one of the long list of our nervous remedies. (See also sphygmographic tracing, Plate II, Fig. Acute pulmonary edema. Gels > relationshipsAntidotes: China; Coffea; Dig. Coff > relationshipsCompare: Coffea Tosta ( Roasting develops certain vitamin-like substances (P. T. Matte). may be indicated in ailments from Coffea, Chamom., brandy, Pulsat., tobacco. Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Coffea Tosta. Veratrum viride, when better known, may lay claim to high rank here. - Great Yellow Wolfsbane. In my experience and observation, it works best here in the 200th potency. Ind. Coffea is especially adapted to mental shocks, such as sudden surprises, especially joyful surprises, excessive laughter and playing, disappointed love, noises, strong smells, etc. rac. Canth > relationshipsIncompatible Coffea. ; Cham. "Full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account." (hysterical or emotional chorea; sighing; convulsive cough; twitches; laughing and crying); Laches. In hypochondria and in the female it has melancholia and nymphomania. ; Coffea; Ferr-p. Aconitine. ; 6, Langhammer, ibid. Pains threatening abortion, or after-pains, or very severe unbearable labor pains are often relieved by this remedy. Alcoholic stimulants relieve all complaints where Gelsemium Sempervirens. Indian women drink a decoction of it before confinement to make labour safe and easy. Health related and label information change frequently, and while every attempt has been made to ensure that the content on this site is accurate, product infomation changes are subject … Am-m > relationshipsAntidotes to Am. Children under 7 years: Take 5 drops. may often be indicated after Arnic., Coffea, Sulphur and Verat. New homeopathic remedies. ; 3, "Br.," ibid. If we were to name the three leading remedies in this respect it would be Aconite, Chamomilla and Coffea. It has not disappointed me. Great nervous agitation and restlessness. ; gnat. Ingredients. In this respect Sticta is like Coffea cruda, which is wonderfully efficacious here. (chorea, one arm and leg constantly in motion); Thea (verbose; spinal irritation); Ver. Aconitum Ferox. I … Clarke. It is more diuretic and less anti-pyretic. For the temporary relief of anxiousness, restlessness, mild abdominal or chest pain, dizziness, or muscle cramps or spasms. Bilious colic. It is also adapted to variable moods. The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia … Ign > relationshipsAntidotes to Ignat Arnic., Camphor., Chamom., Coccul., Coffea, Nux vom., Pulsat. ; Coffea, salt. Adults: Take 15 drops. On the other hand, it makes one think of Aconite, but the fear of death is not there. Opium and Stramonium have painlessness oftener than pain. A great diaphoretic. Hering used to recommend Aconite and Coffea in alternation in painful inflammatory affections, where the fever symptoms of the former and also the nervous sensibility of the latter were present, and I know of no two remedies that alternate better, though I never do it, since I learned to closely individualize. T. C. Duncan, in his proving, induced pains and burning in the kidneys, and H. P. Hale, who observed the effect on a woman, has recorded some characteristic symptoms in the urinary and uterine sphere. Coffea tosta Q1: Globuli: Dilution: Coffea tosta Q2: Globuli: Dilution: Coffea tosta Q3: Globuli: Dilution: More Information. For, as I have held elsewhere, I think that what is called secondary action is really not the legitimate action of the drug, but the aroused powers of the organism against the drug. Use until symptoms are relieved or as directed by your health care provider. perf., Ferrum, Ipec., Laches., Natr. The drops are designed to be a non-habit forming treatment to promote relaxation and restful sleep. 1 Question & 1 Answer. Again the Ignatia patient is, because of her excessive impressibility, easily frightened. (colic), Sep., Stram., Tabac. Psor > relationshipsAntidoted by Coffea, Nux v. (if worse when too frequently repeated or over-dose).

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