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You also need to specify the journey details (date, time and stations) in the travel diary. If at any stage during the implementation of the initiative, applications from young people who were granted a DiscoverEU travel pass under the November 2019 application round are being detected, either by the external contractor designated by the European Commission to take care of the travel bookings or by the European Commission itself, the applicant will be disqualified. Interrail offers discounts on accommodation, luggage storage and many other services throughout Europe (please see Eurail benefits portal). A.8 I am waiting for my new passport or ID card when I apply. If you’ve put your travel on hold due to COVID-19, don’t worry, we have extended the travel period until 31 August 2021. Yes, this is possible when choosing the flexible travel option. However, this amount can be higher in the exceptional cases referred to below: No, reservation costs are not included in the flexible option pass. Explore our Secured credit card to help build your credit history. Connect. 2. For more info, click here. With a group size of 5-15 participants on all of our regular tours, we design group travel for individuals. Be aware that all provisions for those with disabilities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, making it easier to plan their trip. When the selection is done, all group members will receive the results per email. Furthermore, each travel pass will have the name of the participant printed on it, it cannot be changed or transferred to another person. Young people with special needs (e.g. During the booking process make sure to put the same start date as the rest of the participants you want to travel with. Yes, it is possible to start your travel from a country that is not your country of residence. The dates on which you travel remain flexible. Wondering about the next round of applications? You will be able to travel over a period of one month, and travel physically on a set number of days (this means that you can spend a set number of days -7 in total- on trains within this month). You shall not book your travel passes yourself, as passes purchased separately shall not be reimbursed. All unselected applicants are placed on a reserve list, organised per nationality and in accordance to their replies to the quiz and the subsidiary question. You can have a scanned copy of your expired ID document with you when travelling. However, the November 2019 application round, who are still 18 years old on 30 June 2020, can participate in this round too, if: The European Parliament, when establishing this initiative chose to focus on young The European Commission launched today a new call for applications for DiscoverEU travel passes. About Eurofins DiscoverX Our Expertise in Your Hands – Discover Confidently. old? If you wish to cancel your participation, please send an email to the external contractor. You can travel between a minimum of 1 day and up to 30 days inclusive. EFC technology is a proven, established screening platform in most major pharmaceutical companies. In addition to marking your travel days in the travel calendar of your travel pass (i.e. You can use your travel pass as a normal travel ticket by simply filling in the travel details and board the train. The European Commission would like to hear back from the young travellers and encourages them to share their experiences and adventures. B.11 Can I change plans and travel alone when I am part of a group? B.14 I am on the reserve list, what are my chances of being offered a travel pass? The city where you'll start you Interrail trip. DiscoverEU is open exclusively to young people who will be 18 years old on 30 June 2020. Participants are welcome to join the #DiscoverEU official Facebook Group. Quantity. address. C.16 Can I travel in a group, even though I am awarded as an individual? A.3 Can I participate if I have already travelled with a DiscoverEU travel pass under the November 2019 application round? We are recognized as the industry leader for providing drug discovery researchers the largest and most diverse portfolio of standard and custom in vitro safety & pharmacology assays and panels for … reduced mobility, visual impairments, etc.) Discover Europe at your own leisurely pace, stay in authentic local accommodations, experience the culture and activities with genuine locals. Changing the departure date after booking is not possible. The European Youth Portal provides EU level information and opportunities for young people and youth stakeholders. In these cases, selected applicants must make the train reservations themselves before or during their travel period. From this start date on, your Travel Pass will be valid for one month. As an 18-year-old citizen of the European Union, DiscoverEU offers you the opportunity to participate in a travel experience that will enable you to take advantage of the freedom of movement throughout the European Union, explore the diversity of Europe, learn about European cultural heritage and history, and connect with people from all over the continent. iFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things. As a participant, you are able to add up to 4 friends who match the eligibility criteria of DiscoverEU even if you have indicated in the application form that you want to travel alone. You must possess a valid travel document/pass during your journey. If you are selected, we recommend that you wait until you have received your new ID document before confirming your booking. Enjoy the best rail travel experience in Europe with our Interrail Pass! Those contacted towards the end of the project, due to being on the reserve list, cannot claim reimbursement for travels made prior to the invitation, nor request an extension of the travel period. However, the coverage of the European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance may not include all possible cases, especially if repatriation or specific medical intervention is needed. In that case, a complimentary private insurance is advisable. Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, la Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Martin, Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands) to mainland Europe. Check the DiscoverEU factsheet to read more about the initiative and the experiences of some of our young DiscoverEU travellers. Available across Europe from the 5th October 2020. discover card Lieferant Verzeichnis ☆ 3 Million Importeuren und Exporteuren, discover card Lieferanten aus China und rund um die Welt, discover card Hersteller, Fabriken, Fertigung, Hersteller, Fabrik, Firma, Exporteure, Firmen , Produzenten, Großhändler, Händler, China discover card, EC21 - … C.11 What if I have to cancel my trip or need to modify it? Reasons why we should help young people make the most of Europe's rail network to travel the continent: discovering their identity will be decisive for their future and that of the EU. You are legally obliged to be in the possession of a valid passport or ID card when travelling in the European Union. Insurance coverage is the sole responsibility of the participant. Costs to be assessed on a case by case basis according to their needs. If you have been selected as a member of a group, but your plans have changed and you would like to travel alone, you can do this. The booking form automatically updates each day at midnight, and allows booking earliest 14 days prior to the date of departure. The worlds number 1 website and print magazine for those seeking to connect with German, Swiss and Austrian lifestyle, travel and business. Conversely, if you decide to visit only one country, which is a country neighbouring your own, the fixed travel option is a good solution. Please note that certain trains may require reservation. B.12 Is the travel pass transferable to another person? NEW: Handy-Giraffe. Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, la Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Martin, Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands); Those residing in countries/regions which are not accessible by the previous mentioned transportation means (rail networks, ferries and coaches); When participants have to travel more than 18 hours in order to cross the border of their departure country; For young people with reduced mobility or disabilities. Discover Europe has been specializing in small-group travel since 2001. Afterwards, the young people are required to travel by rail or other alternative modes (except private cars and chartered coaches). for selected applicants residing in islands part of the EU) an extra journey by train/ferry/coach, might be covered; For participants with reduced mobility and/or special needs. Nevertheless, in order to ensure the widest possible access, DiscoverEU will offer alternative transport modes, such as coaches or ferries, taking into account environmental, time, and distance considerations. Wait until our team contacts you to guide you through the next steps! So make sure your requested itinerary is feasible within this budget. Back Manfred Weber in persuading the EU to give youth the journey of a lifetime for their 18th birthday. You can still Discover our EU! C.21 Will the European Commission help participants with booking accommodation? 103K likes. The flexible travel option allows you to travel to many EU countries! Once you book your travel pass, it is not possible to change its start date. 346-327-7510 Icons made by Freepik and Smashicons from The group leader fills in the application form, including the quiz questions and the subsidiary question. Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). For participants travelling from the outermost regions (e.g. is your responsibility. The dates on which you travel remain flexible. B.10 I am awarded but cannot go. PULSE and EUFISERV Payments Announce Strategic Alliance Dec. 13, 2012- EUFISERV Payments and PULSE, the debit and ATM network subsidiary of Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), announced today they have entered into a strategic ATM participation agreement allowing more than 68 million cards, issued by 600 EUFISERV member banks, to participate in the PULSE Global ATM Network. More information on the 2 options can be found in the questions below. Furthermore, DiscoverEU enables you, as a young person, to develop life skills of value to your future, such as independence, confidence, and openness to other cultures. Global brand leader Invacare is delighted to announce the optimisation of its renowned sling range. You can change your departure date, but keep in mind that you might lose some days of the validity of your travel pass. fixed option: the number of destinations is limited to 2 countries or two cities within the same country; flexible option: the number of countries is not limited. This doesn't have to be the first or last trip, it can occur at any time of your trip. C.8 What is the difference between the fixed and the flexible travel option? To be informed on your passenger rights, have a look at the European Youth Portal’s travelling section. If you do not know the email address, you can reach out to the external contractor by sending a private message to European Youth on Facebook. Troubleshoot with experts in the Answers forum—and build your own how-to guides to share with the world. Yes, as long as they book and pay for the travel costs themselves.

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